Helping car wash owners and new investors to grow their business through cleaner, drier, and shinier cars.

Advancing Modern Car Wash Technology to New Heights

Car washes have come a long way from the first commercial car wash which opened in 1914. Located in Detroit, washing was done with pails and sponges while pushing cars by hand. From conveyors to automation, new technology has transformed the industry and will continue to do so in the future.

At Wash Technology, we strive to continue pushing the boundaries of modern car washes. We use systems that are state of the art and strive to maintain and improve equipment and operations to bring you the best car wash experience possible.

Proud Qual Chem Distributor

Qual Chem is an industry leader among chemical suppliers. Developed by car wash chemists and operators who understand the business like no other, Qual Chem provides operators with flexibility, control, and performance.

When you combine Qual Chem’s ability to custom-fit chemistry to perfectly fit your wash with highly concentrated and effective applications, the result is a cleaner, drier and shinier vehicle.

Washing Responsibly

Focus on Our Environment

Wash technology works with companies that have a desire to grow towards an emphasis on the environment, water conservation, reclaimed water systems and less electrical usage. With Qual Chem, we can provide safe, environmentally friendly products to our customers. When customers “Join The Green Team”, they highlight their commitment to running car washes in a responsible way.

Let’s Test!

Every chemical rep will make big promises. We prefer to let our results do the talking. We’ll come to your facility and set up a sampling of Qual Chem chemistry with the goal of showing you the best possible car your location can produce.


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